OUR MISSION DDC was created by golf lovers, for golf lovers.

Our mission is to outfit players with the best drivers on the market for the lowest price possible. We take care of details like sourcing and shaft customization so everyone from lifelong players to budding enthusiasts can focus on having fun on the green.

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ALL INCLUSIVE For Average Joes and Seasoned Pros

No matter their skill level, every golfer benefits from a high-quality driver. A good driver can increase accuracy and alignment, allowing an experienced player to hit even longer and straighter.

For new players, time and dedication are needed along with a good club. But don’t let lack of experience stop you from getting on the green - even if you don’t hit the best, DDC can make it look like you know what you’re doing.


LOVE OF THE GAME DDC is all of these and more

  • A reason to unwind, get outdoors
  • A chance to connect and have fun with friends, colleagues, & family
  • A great entry point for newbies
  • A way for experienced golfers to stay at the top of their game
  • An unbeatable deal

As we know growing your network and strengthening relationships is the biggest unwritten allure of the game, DDC also hosts members-only events every month and holds a members-only online forum for everyone with a love of the game.

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In partnership with Sportsox, DDC members get and/or a free swing analysist from a 3D expert coach.

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HAVE questions?We Are Here For You

Our member services team is extraordinary, for real. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. We can explain gear specs, answer any deal questions you may have, or help you figure out what shaft size is best for you.

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