• Value Your Trade-In

    Utilize the club appraisal tool to determine the current value of your existing golf clubs.

  • Ship Your Clubs

    Ship your golf clubs for evaluation and to confirm the final payment amount.

  • Get Paid!

    After receiving and assessing all your clubs, you will be provided your payment through a check.


Does club condition affect golf club value?

Golf club condition does matter. Before receiving a quote, you will confirm that your golf club is not in need of any repairs, dented, cracked, chipped, rattles, and has no non-factory alterations.

How long does it take for my golf trade-in to be processed?

Consumer golf club trade-in’s usually take 7-10 business days (Mon-Fri) from the time we receive the golf club (at our facility), to be processed. After which a check will be issued. 

What if I can’t find my golf club on the list?

If you do not find your golf club listed on the drop down selection, it usually means we are not currently accepting trades on that golf club. There are exceptions so please reach out to our customer service team purchasing@swingemagaingolf.com to confirm either way.

Do you accept iron sets?

Yes, we accept Iron sets consisting of at least 5 consecutive clubs including the PW in that sequence.  The shafts and heads must be matched.  Any Iron sets that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted and will be returned to you.  If you have a combo set, please choose either applicable model in which your set consists of.  If necessary, we can adjust the price upon receipt accordingly.

Will I be provided a shipping label for my trade-in clubs?

Trade-in clubs will be issued a prepaid shipping label valid only in the United States. If you are having issues printing a label, or need additional labels please reach out to our customer service team at purchasing@swingemagaingolf.com

I have many items to trade in. Will you send me a large box?

If you have multiple items please pack sufficiently in a box large enough to accommodate your items. Your local shipping location should have a box large enough for your multiple items.  We provide the shipping labels, but do not provide the packing materials.  

What if my golf club trade-in does not meet your criteria after being received?

If your trade-in does not meet our acceptance criteria we will do one of the following:

  1. Offer to return of the product to you
  2. Disposal of the item if the club is a "no value" item and you agree to its disposal.

What golf club(s) are not eligible for trade-in and receive zero credit?

Dented, cracked, chipped, rattling clubs. Metal woods with significant sky-marks on the crown. Clubs with cracked or bent shafts. Clubs with non-factory alterations. Wedges with excessive sole wear, groove wear, or dings. Iron sets that do not consist of 5-8 consecutive clubs (including PW). Clubs deemed to be not authentic by our processing team.

Where do you get the club trade-in values?

To make sure you get a great price for your golf clubs, we use values derived from the Swing Em’ Again Golf’s Value Guide. Swing Em’ Again Golf works with pro shops, golf retailers, and the general golfing public to provide a fair and accurate trade-in value for their golf gear.  We are confident you will be receiving a fair and accurate value for your equipment.

What if my shipping label expires or I need an extra label?

If your label expires or you need additional trade-in labels, please contact us: purchasing@swingemagaingolf.com