• Mizuno ST190
  • Mizuno ST190
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Mizuno ST190

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Mizuno ST190

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The Mizuno ST190 combines every known factor to deliver ball speed and driving distance – aligned with our lowest ever spin rates. Mizuno's ultra-fast Forged SP700 Ti face is enhanced with a lighter CORTECH structure for consistently higher ball speeds. Combined with a large carbon composite crown and Amplified Wave soleplate to convert each additional mph into yards gained.

Two drivers sharing the same ball high speeds from our exotic Forged SP700 Forged Ti face and CORTECH structure.
  • ST190 for mid to low spin with maximum stability
  • ST190G for low spin with maximum adjustability

ST190 G / Intuitive FAST TRACK Adjustability

Twin 7-gram weights on external tracks can reduce spin by an additional 200rpm. Heavy fade or draw bias achieved by placing weights in one track.

ST190 / Single 6g back weighting

Factory fixed backweight adds 300 gcm^2 MOI for stability from off centre strikes.

Forged SP700 Ti face

More than 10% stronger than 6-4 Titanium with a fine grain structure that allows a more complex geometry for our CORTECH face. Internal testing proved higher performance than 6-4 Ti at 90mph, 100mph and 110mph head speeds.

Carbon Composite Crown

A 12-gram carbon composite crown allows 7 grams of weight redistributed across the ST190 for consistently higher ball speeds and reduced spin rate. Our ratio of carbon crown to bonding area increased to 5:1 from 3:1 on Mizuno’s previous carbon crown (MX500).

Amplified Wave Sole

A heavily amplified 1st wave configuration expands the ST190 CORAREA for improved balls speeds across the clubface and reduced drop off from off centre strikes.

Harmonic Impact Technology

The study of vibration and soundwaves identified the need for internal ribs - creating a more solid, powerful impact sound.

Speed Engineered

Performance of our exotic SP700 Forged Ti face moves to new levels with improved internal engineering. The ST190 CORTECH face, re-engineered CT ribs and Quick Switch internal structure combine to squeeze ball speed from the entire clubface.


Early tests with 2 PGA Tour players showed the right combination of spin rate and ball speed was key to increased distance.

Player A (PGA Tour)

Angle of attack: minus 2-3 degrees
2018 Driver: 175.8mph / 3502 spin / 310.6 total yards
ST190: 178mph / 3092 spin / 318.7 total yards
ST190G: 178 mph / 2888 spin / 308.5 total yards

Player B (PGA Tour)

Angle of attack: level
2018 Driver: 181.5mph / 2967 spin / 328.7 total yards
ST190: 182.9mph / 2918 spin / 328.8 total yards
ST190G: 183.7 mph / 2608 spin / 335.6 total yards

“The ST190 marks a total change in how Mizuno approaches wood design. We now start the development process with our tour players. The tour tested moulds then become our production moulds. In the case of the ST190, this produced a high-speed driver with extremes low spin for the tour, but with the capability of increasing spin for lower swing speed players. We also learned to slightly roll back the level of adjustability to gain performance. Losing the central weight track helps reduce the lower end of spin rates and gave us the design freedom to deliver a 3mph ball speed increase on our previous models.”
Kei Tsjui – ST190 Lead Designer

“One thing that’s increasingly evident is the increasing trend to a lower spin bias on tour - so many players we’ve tested with favour a downward angle of attack. They need their driver to knock the spin down to compensate, which became our 2nd objective with the ST190. No.1 was always ball speed – if we can add 1mph, that’s what we’re going to do.”
Chris Voshall - Mizuno

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